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LBS Recruitment Solutions Corporation

LBS Recruitment Solutions Corporation is a global manpower and recruitment provider. We maintain an extensive database of applicants covering wide range of careers and professions that meet most staffing requirements. Our rigid screening and pre-selection process ensures that clients only hire qualified and competent candidates.

LBS Recruitment is founded on the combined expertise and experience of recognized leaders in the Philippine recruitment industry. We specialize in solutions for meeting the manpower demands of clients who operate in competitive and complex global business environments. Licensed by the industry governing body, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, our organization draws its strength from the collective professional talents of our highly motivated management team and dedicated staff.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision

LBS Recruitment Solutions Corporation will be a dominant professional, globally competitive yet compassionate, world-acclaimed, and technology-driven manpower recruitment practitioner in the core endeavour of providing quality jobs and sustainable value for all stakeholders by actively seeking ways to:

  • Obtain, retain and grow
  • Explore new, viable and strategic markets and partnerships
  • Improve processes for efficient outcomes
  • Harness and leverage information and Communication Technology, as well as new emerging applicatons
  • Achieve performance level worthy of recognition by local, as well as internation organizations
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LBS Values

Our Values

Quality Service
LBS Commitment

Our Commitment

Job Seeker

We innovate for you. We get you fast to premier Global Employers and Help fulfill your dreams. We are with you all the way.

Employers and Partners

We anticipate your needs. We closely collaborate with you. We deliver qualified manpower suited to your requirements on time, every time. We grow with you. We lead the way in all matters of managed migration of Filipino Overseas Workers. We faithfully adhere to labor and welfare laws.

Our People

We work together and grow as a Team. We care. We listen to feedback. We encourage innovation. We are passionate about personalized service excellence. We value humor in the workplace and celebrate success.

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Services & Process

The Services, Specialty Areas & Clients

Recruitment of Filipino Workers

Overseas employment is a highly regulated industry in the Philippines. Only entities and individuals duly licensed and authorized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) are allowed to recruit and deploy workers for overseas sites.

Designed to enhance protection of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's), strict laws and rules are put in place. The POEA acts as the super body that administers and regulates the entire recruitment and deployment process.

Accreditation Process
Recruitment Process

Looking for an international job? LBS Recruitment has the most comprehensive list of global companies looking to hire. Our team of experts are here to help you find your perfect job match. Get started today and unlock your potential! Here’s the list of our international clients:

Engineering Clients
Hospital Clients
Oil & Gas Clients
Our Specialty Areas

What makes LBS Recruitment the best choice in manpower solutions?

Our reliable services are backed by the state of the art technology. It is our great achievement that we are known by and respected for the culture of excellence that we have been setting through the years.

Engineering Services
Medial Services
General Services
Registration and License

Registration and License

The company has all the necessary registrations and licenses with pertinent government agencies to legally pursue our business operations.

License 1
License 2
License 3
License 4
LBS Management

The Management

Learn about the LBS Recruitment Agency management team. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you find the right job opportunities. With our commitment to excellence, we guarantee that you will receive personalized, reliable, and quality service.

Loreto B. Soriano

Chairman & President

Loreto B. Soriano II

Vice President Operations

Ezekiel T. Alunen

Vice President - Special Projecs, Construction

Alma M. Culala

MSD Senior Nurse Consultant